STAN’s newsletter, Volume 16 July 2020 Issue

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Covid 19 Resources
If you are looking for reliable information on the spread of the novel coronavirus, we have a collected a series of links for you. It also includes some helpful resources for working from home and finding educational resources for your young learners.
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Anti-Racism Resources
We have compiled a list of resources to help educate our members on the issue of systemic racism in Canada. You will also find some helpful resources to get you started in actively helping to dismantle oppression in your every day life.
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July 10, 2020 marked Nikola Tesla's 164th birthday, and the Nikola Tesla Historical Society of Alberta presented Tesla Day, a National Virtual Celebration.
Nikola Tesla is known as “the man who invented the twentieth century”. He was an inventor and scientist who gave the world alternating current, radio, wireless technology, air conditioning, neon lights, X-Rays, just to name a few of his discoveries. There are over 300 patents to his name. In recognition of Nikola Tesla’s contribution to the betterment of humanity, the Mayor of Edmonton proclaimed Nikola Tesla Day on July 10, 2019.  
The Nikola Tesla Canada Team, consisting of individuals across Canada, is celebrating his 164th birthday with videos from Canadians with Tesla Tales* of their own. This video is dedicated to the first responders and the health workers of Canada who tirelessly work on saving people’s lives during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  
Come with us to Nunavut, Halifax, Vancouver and many other places across Canada. Stop in at Niagara Falls where it all started with Nikola Tesla harnessing the Falls for the long-distance transmission of power. Hear the Tesla Tales of Canadians from all walks of life. 
In addition to his ground-breaking inventions in Electricity and Technology, he made numerous contributions in healing and health. This is why it is particularly fitting to think of our health workers as we remember and celebrate Tesla’s life. 
Join us for this spectacular journey of learning and discovery. We are excited to share this experience with you as we salute Nikola Tesla across Canada!