It was a beautiful summer evening, in a beautiful park setting on the grounds of Government House, where we celebrated our 6th anniversary in the Korean Pavilion on July 22nd .

The event was well-attended, and members and guests alike enjoyed pizza, sandwiches, beverages and birthday cake which was topped with Elaine Beltaos-Kerr’s Wardenclyffe Tower decoration complete with ‘lightning sparkler’ for effect. We proudly wore the NTHSA logo buttons made for this occasion by Mirko Dumanovic. It was also an opportunity for the President to summarize our achievements and present certificates for exceptional volunteer work to members Gene Emanuel, Mirko Dumanovic and Harold Hornig. Vice President Lydia Emanuel also acknowledged the President’s tireless efforts and initiative to raise awareness of our Society and her contribution to its many successes.

The evening ended with the mellow sounds of music performed by Andrew and Angela Beltaos.

Thank you to everyone for their help in organizing this special event!