In honour of Nikola Tesla’s 160th birthday, the Society, informally known as Alberta's Tesla Wave, was established in July of 2016. The Society aspires to facilitate and advance scientific and technological progress in the province, and by example, encourage other regions to do the same by ultimately propagating Alberta’s Tesla Wave’ beyond the province’s boundaries.

Our Mission and Vision statements, along with the Objectives, indicate how we plan to proceed.  One thing is certain: back then we started small with only a handful of visionary people, but we are thinking big – much like the increase of the amplitude of a wave – and hope you will join us in achieving our goals. Our logo is a metaphor for the kinetic effect Nikola Tesla’s discoveries had on changing the world.  

In a dedicated, dynamic and energetic way, our Society hopes to honour Nikola Tesla for what he stood for, namely a better world, while at the same time enjoying informal interaction and discussions with like-minded people.

If you are interested in joining our Alberta’s Tesla Wave, please contact us. We accept memberships from all over the world.