July 11, 2018 Weekend Visit to Cardinal Engineering in Vancouver

The Door

President Lillian Beltaos and Member Dr. Angela Beltaos, visited Cardinal Engineering this weekend . Here are a couple of photos with the President of Cardinal Engineering and our Board Director, Ryan Pavey. We are delighted with our discussions, Cardinal continued support of Alberta's Tesla Wave and Mr. Pavey’s decision to proclaim July 10th as the Nikola Tesla Day for Cardinal Engineering. Let me use this opportunity to suggest to the readers of this clip, to encourage  their own organizations that they are affiliated with, to do the same. As mentioned on July 10th of this year, our objective is to get as many institutions and organizations as possible do proclaim July 10th as the Nikola Tesla Day in order to get a broader geographic recognition for this important day.

The Office
Cardinal Engineering


Ryan and Lillian
Ryan and Lillian


Ryan and the Dr.
Ryan and Angela