The Executive:

Nikola Tesla Historical Society of Alberta 2020 Board


Ms. Lillian D. Beltaos, President

Lillian D. Beltaos holds a BSc. (Mathematics with Distinction) from the University of Alberta and an MLS from the University of Western Ontario (Western University). She spent many years in Senior Administration and IT Management in various Canadian higher education institutions. Lillian conceptualized and implemented many ‘World's Firsts’. Among these were the First International Virtual Chess Championship under the auspices of the World Chess Federation (FIDE); a pioneer multi-media project, Classic Images, in partnership with NeXT; and Alexandria II, a virtual Library project demonstrated during the G7 Summit in Halifax. Lillian is a former Research Fellow and a Board Member of the Telecom Applications Research Alliance in Halifax. Lillian was also a convener and a co-organizer of a Banff International Research Centre (BIRS) Workshop held on March 16-18, 2018 on Women in Mathematics, called Putting Women into the Equation. This workshop highlighted known and not so well-known women mathematicians who had made a significant contribution to the field. In 2015 Lillian was a nominee for a Canadian Every Day Political Citizen for her extensive community work. She is also an invited life member of Beta Phi Mu International Library and Information Science Honor Society. One of Lillian’s recent interests is looking through history to identify and recognize individuals, such as Nikola Tesla, for their contributions to our modern world.


Ms. Lydia Emanuel, Vice President

Lydia grew up in Winnipeg where she obtained a B.A. from the University of Manitoba, majoring in Anthropology. After moving to Edmonton, she graduated with a Master’s Degree in Anthropology from the University of Alberta. Her early career included being the Northern Region Supervisor for the Alberta Human Rights Commission shortly after its inception under Premier Lougheed, where she oversaw investigations and case preparations for Public Boards of Inquiry. She also had a lengthy career with the City of Edmonton where she was a Senior Negotiator in Labour Relations, bargaining on behalf of the employer and similarly preparing materials for submission to Labor Arbitration Boards. She later went on to become the Manager of Labour Relations for Alberta with Telus. Happily retired after some thirty years in the workforce, she enjoys numerous hobbies, especially gardening, and has been a member of the Edmonton Horticultural Society for many years. She is a frequent contributor to the Hervey Foundation Newsletter, a long-time member of the YMCA and an ardent supporter of theatre and arts. She was the 2019 recipient of the Neighbourhood Spirit Award for generous support and outstanding contribution to the Oakhills Community League.


Mr. Robert Litschel, Treasurer

Robert is a man of many talents. He was in store management, most notably at Kresge’s in Saskatchewan and Red Deer, and is also a journeyman baker who worked at both the Hollandia Bakery in Northern Alberta and Adrian’s Bakery in Edmonton for over a decade.  In 2003 he was diagnosed with Baker’s Lung, and was subsequently retrained by the WCB as an accountant. He then worked for Ducks Unlimited, TIC Canada, Ganotec West, and Kiewit Corporation (Peter Kiewit and Sons).  During the tax season, Robert is a Tax Preparer for Alberta Efile, specializing in personal income taxes. Beyond his training as a baker and accountant, he holds a pastoral degree from Mountain View Bible College in Didsbury, Alberta. When not working, Robert’s hobbies include cooking, reading, golfing and woodworking. 


Dr. Angela Beltaos, Secretary

Dr. Beltaos holds a number of degrees in higher education including a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Mathematics) from Dalhousie University, Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta Specializing in Physics, Master of Science (Physics) from the University of Alberta with research in Silicon Nano Crystals, and a PHD from the University of Alberta in Physics. Her area of research is in graphene and nanotechnology. She also has a Certificate in Renewable Energy and Conservation from Lakeland College. She has taught at a number of Canadian universities and is currently an Academic Coordinator in Applied Mathematics at Athabasca University. Angela has been a member of the Nikola Tesla Historical Society since the beginning. An artist at heart, in her spare time Angela loves to sculpt, draw, dance and write music – bass guitar being her favorite instrument. As an athlete, she loves to play tennis, bike and cross-country ski.


Ms. Lilianna Rabrenovic, Director

Lilianna Rabrenovic (formerly Mitrovic) was born in Montenegro and has had a long and successful career in multimedia communications in her home country and in Canada. After obtaining an Honors degree in Political Science, she worked in Serbia as a journalist at the prestigious and oldest newspaper in the Balkans where she interviewed numerous leading figures, officials and Heads of State. Following that, she was an associate editor and commentator at two Belgrade radio stations. Her dedication to the field of broadcasting continued after immigrating to Edmonton and working as a radio host and anchor for the Serbian segment on CKER 101.9 FM. She was also the founder, editor in chief, as well as correspondent for magazines in Toronto and Vancouver. She has authored two books and is also a successful entrepreneur, owning and operating the art gallery, ARTitude. Lilianna has a strong passion for science and fine arts.


Mr. Ryan Pavey, P. Eng., Director

Ryan is a Professional Engineer, and a Principal at Cardinal Engineering Ltd., which is a fire protection engineering firm based in Vancouver. He is professionally licensed in British Columbia and Alberta. He is also a Director at Valdor Technology International Inc, a fiber optics components company specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of passive fiber optic components, including some that use Valdor proprietary and patented technologies. Ryan’s hobbies include traveling, hiking and painting.


Mr. Milos Dumanovic, Director

Milos hails from the city of Krusevac in central Serbia. In 1995, he immigrated to Edmonton with his immediate family. He holds a B.A. and M.A. in Economics from the University of Alberta, plus several wealth management certifications from the Canadian Securities Institute. Milos has also successfully completed exams for both the Society of Actuaries and the CFA Institute. He has held a variety of roles in sales, finance and data analysis, and has the present pleasure of working as a marketing analyst for Lehigh Cement, Canada Region. His hobbies include programming, leather crafting, traveling and frequent over-indulging in Wikipedia articles. His infatuation with all things Tesla has been decades in the making.


Ms. Sreyasa Mainali

Sreyasa has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alberta along with a background in international development projects related to education and examination reform. She was a volunteer organizer at the 2018 BIRS Conference (Putting Women into the Equation), and joined the NTHSA shortly after as a member before joining the Board. She is currently working with the Government of Canada and in her spare time enjoys a range of activities, from board games to dancing.


Mr. Zelijko Sulaver

Mr. Zeljko Sulaver is a Mechanical Engineering Technologist and works as a Manager of Piping Design at Stantec Consulting in Edmonton. He is passionate about science, technology, multiculturalism, history, genealogy, his heritage and writing poetry.  As Vice President of the Edmonton Serbian Community for several years, he has contributed to its development through organizing and emceeing public events, ceremonies, festivals, theatrical performances, book launches, etc. He is a member of ASET, the Edmonton AK Drama Group and the Serbian-Canadian Writers Association. His long time passion for writing poetry has generated two published books of poems (In the Break of a Dawn, 2008 and The Mines of Fortune, 2017).


Eastern Canada Liaison: Dr. Amenda Chow

Amenda Chow is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at York University in Toronto.  She obtained her Ph.D. at the University of Waterloo in 2014.   Her Bachelor's and Master’s degrees were completed at the University of Alberta in 2006 and 2008, respectively.  All the aforementioned degrees were in Applied Mathematics. Her research and teaching interests are in mathematics education and dynamical systems.  She is active with the York Chapter of the Canadian Mathematics Kangaroo Contest, which has reached 45 Canadian cities since 2001, and is a member of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group. Currently, she is developing an experimental and innovative concept employing ‘math space’ for teaching, learning and research at York University:


Western Canada Liaison: Dr. Leola Chow

Dr. Chow is a geneticist/immunologist with experience in the management of preclinical drug development programs in a pharmaceutical setting, specializing in in vivo murine models of various human diseases. 

She holds a B.Sc. and Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics from the University of Alberta.  Her postdoctoral training at Canadian Blood Services and the University of Manitoba was focused in the field of immune-mediated diseases.  Leola also has experience as a lab manager in both the academic and industry research environments.  Currently, she is a lab and scientific project manager at Renaissance BioScience Corp. located in Vancouver, BC.   Her interests include skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking, travelling and gardening.   


International Liaison: Mr. Veljko Radoja

Velijko is an Electrical Engineer with extensive experience managing high voltage power in Belgrade, Serbia. He has also worked extensively in Romania. At present, he is a technical advisor for a weekly TV program, TV KCN1 Polarotor on current issues in IT. 

Nikola Tesla Historical Society of Alberta Past Board

Dr. Elaine Beltaos-Kerr
Ms. Vesna Farnden
Dr. Marija Nikolic-Jaric
Mr. Dragan Pejic
Brian Testo
Dr. Moira F. Walker
Mr. Mirko Dumanovic