On April 17th (2018) the NTHSA held a Strategic Planning Session on implementing our Objectives as effectively as possible.  With the help of Kim Ghostkeeper, an expert Facilitator with the Government of Alberta’s Culture and Tourism Department, we undertook the task of prioritizing our objectives for the next few years.

The attendees for the 3-hour session consisted of the NTHSA Board and a Focus Group from the membership at large. This working group identified four priority objectives, each having short, medium and long range plans. These priority objectives that we will be focusing on consist of the following;

  • Organize events and social gatherings for members and the public to encourage informal discussions, networking, and celebration of Tesla’s legacy.
  • Promote awareness of Nikola Tesla’s contribution to the world since the 19th century and the future.
  • Collaborate with other related societies and museums including the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, in project-based activities such as travelling exhibits and lectures by prominent Tesla scholars.
  • Engage the education system from K-12 as well as postsecondary, by organizing events and participating and/or sponsoring science fairs, competitions, conferences , and gatherings as appropriate.

For each short-term plan, the group then generated a more detailed action plan for 2018-2019, and specific team leaders volunteered to lead the implementation.

Many thanks to Kim and the Alberta Government for all their help, and to Lydia who organized and led this initiative.  

Our work is ahead of us and two weeks later, we have already started:

1. We have a Facebook account— Thank- you Sreyas

2. We have an artistic poster for our May 30th  event on Nikola Tesla in Pop Culture — Thank -you Rob

3. We have the May 30th  event planned — Thank- you Lydia and Elaine

4. We established a link to Tesla’s heritage— Thank-you Lillian

5. We will shortly introduce our first higher education award — Thank-you Lillian

6. We will shortly have our first post-secondary institutional membership –Thank-you Lillian

7. And we have secured some promotional Nikola Tesla T-shirts for sale–Thank-you Lydia 

Let’s keep the momentum rolling with our Tesla Wave!


  • Lillian, Mirko and Nadine

  • Lydia, Rob and Brian

  • Sreyasa, Angela, Elaine and Andrew

  • The Attendees
    Photo by Dr. Rob Agostinis

  • Photo by Dr. Rob Agostinis

Photos by Ms. Lydia Emanuel unless otherwise stated