To increase awareness of inventor Nikola Tesla’s contributions to science and humanity and to inspire new discoveries based on his legacy.


To encourage a culture of curiosity and scientific learning, leading to discoveries that improve our quality of life.


To successfully:

  • Promote awareness of Nikola Tesla’s contributions to the world since the 19th century and into the future.
  • Engage the educational system from Kindergarten to Grade 12 (K-12) as well as post-secondary, by organizing events and participating and/or sponsoring scientific fairs, competitions, conferences and gatherings as appropriate.
  • Engage the educational system from K-12 and post-secondary to teach the History of Science, with Nikola Tesla’s achievements acknowledged and recognized.
  • Establish an award system for the selection of Young Tesla Scholars from K-12.
  • Establish scholarships in advanced education for scientific innovation, academic achievement and in the discipline of History of Science, bringing up awareness not only to Tesla but also other not sufficiently recognized scientists from the past.
  • Develop a process for nominations and selection of the Alberta Tesla Laureate.
  • Collaborate with other related societies and museums, including the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, in project-based activities such as travelling exhibits and lectures by prominent Tesla Scholars.
  • Engage with Alberta’s industry in promoting an environmentally responsible/sustainable society by participating in and recognizing Green and other Eco-initiatives, particularly related to hydro and solar energies
  • Commemorate Nikola Tesla’s contributions by participating and sponsoring initiatives, such as naming opportunities or placement of historical markers,plaques or monuments.
  • Organize events and social gatherings for members and the public to encourage informal discussion, networking and celebration of Tesla’s legacy.