November 18, 2021 NTHSA Annual General Meeting (AGM)


Presentation on Tesla vs Marconi Radio Patent Dispute

by Lydia Emanuel, VP, NTHSA


The meeting was well attended given the necessity of holding it virtually to ensure everyone’s safety. Following the completion of the required procedural matters, the previous year’s slate of Directors was acclaimed, and President Lillian Beltaos provided a summary of the Society’s achievements. She noted that half of the NTHSA’s five-year history has now been conducted virtually, although our activities continue to be strong, dynamic and engaging.

Key accomplishments included another highly successful Science Series for Pi-Day with keynote speaker Peter Brackett from the Calgary Tesla Society and the first-ever Arts Contest Winners; production of a captivating YouTube video called Tesla Tales Across Time for Tesla’s July birthday celebration; a field trip to Leduc to visit the Edmonton Power historical museum and present them with a Tesla poster; an outdoor picnic with pizza, musicians and birthday cake to acknowledge NTHSA’s fifth anniversary; and our submission for Science Literacy Week on Climate Change.

The President concluded her remarks by thanking all the members and donors for their support. She stressed the ongoing and generous support of Dr. Maslesha.

Following the end of the formal business, Director Djordje Srnic gave an overview of Tesla’s patents, followed by the featured speaker, Vice President Lydia Emanuel, who delivered an excellent and entertaining presentation on the Tesla vs. Marconi radio patent dispute. The attendees were treated to an exciting and dramatic, mostly legal battle, waged over patent rights that lasted for over forty years.

As always, the program included a couple of Tesla Tales told by members of the audience.