* * *


Was it in my dreams

alternating through my mind

as soon as we’ve heard of your visit

you’ve made us all electrified.


We need no conducting wires!

Electricity runs far and wide

connections are passing through the air

(even Ether afterwards).


Serbdom stands - an ageless tree

like a mother to her sons - its leaves;

most vibrant one did not stay

fluttered off and flew away.


O, virtuous Tesla, you chose a distant nation,

by stronger current you were propelled

to a land more fertile for your imagination,

where your horizons would be swelled.


Tesla, it worked out after all,

your boundless thoughts triumphed in the end,

you conquered distances not so small

returned to be welcomed by your motherland.


Embrace the land that nurtured thee,

lay your head upon her chest, valued son,

every branch of the proud Serbdom tree

espouses Tesla as its next of kin.


Belgrade is very jubilant today

with its genius, shaking hands

opening a heart that’s filled with joy

to the Serb renowned in many lands.


Though once again you’re on your way

our rendezvous brief, and like no other

and since you could no longer stay

carry our warmth as brother to brother.


Your vision has come to fruition,

enormous and wondrous;

all distances are gone, broken to depletion

forging new links between us.


Our leaflet will realize and feel

its every vein from its own tree.

The electricity will forever enable

(the electricity of our hearts)

our connection with no wire, with no cable.


Translation by:


Zeljko Sulaver

Lydia Emanuel

Lillian Beltaos


March 01, 2021