“In support of science, education and innovation” Dr. Lela Maslesha, Donor

Pi Day


Pi Event, March 13, 2019

Brookview Community Centre, 280 Bulyea Road




We had a very informative and entertaining evening. This was truly a gathering of like-minded people with interest and enthusiasm, starting with the speaker, Dr. Elaine Beltaos-Kerr, for Mathematics. Mathematics is elegant, mysterious and powerful! Pi is a perfect representation of all of these characteristics of Mathematics. As usual, we had a couple of interesting Tesla Tales. We even had a fellow member sport his Tesla socks that he bought in Montreal! A demonstration of Tesla Coil was welcome by some newcomers.


A special attendee was our First Nikola Tesla Award for Innovation in Higher Education recipient, Ms. Tara Voogd from Lakeland College in Vermillion.


As mentioned above, it was an entertaining night with a reception, pie testing and recognition of the winner of the pie contest. Dr. Moira Walker was the winner with her delicious strawberry rhubarb pie. Unfortunately, not everyone got a chance to taste it as it disappeared in no time! There were some other amazing pies. Our regular Tesla baker, Ms. Lydia Emanuel – not in the contest as she is on the Board – baked two pies that also disappeared in no time. Her decorations are always reflecting the theme of the event and this time, she gave the “Pi” a very special recognition! The photos below taken by Mr. Gene Emanuel tell the story of this memorable event.


Special thanks to Mr. Milos Dumanovich, Mr. Gene Emanuel and Dr. Angela Beltaos for their assistance at this event. Most of us were from our community at the hall.  The hall booking was made possible by a member and a former Board member Ms. Vesna Farnden and her spouse Mr. Peter Farnden. Thank you Vesna and Peter!


Welcome to new members and thanks to those who renewed their membership. Lillian